Myths About Purchasing Term Insurance Quotes

Many people back off in purchasing term insurance quotes since they dont have sufficient knowledge about it. They couldnt make sound decision because they thought that it is too complicated and expensive.

Sadly, term insurance confused few people due to some myths roaming around with cost, coverage, types, policy and many more. Keep reading so you could clear up your mind and be more confident on reaching the most appropriate coverage for you.

Myth 1: Buying term insurance quotes is not a necessity whether you are healthy, single or young.

Although you still dont have children and spouse or even medical problems, it still necessary for you to get life insurance so you can secure a bright future for your family.

Ethics for the Financial Industry


Ethics is a study about morals. Every profession has its own set of morals that must be adhered to. This is to ensure that all professionals offer the best services.

A finance code of ethics informs professionals about rules and operating procedures that they must follow to comply with industry standards, corporate policies and government requirements. Ethics rules vary depending on role, industry, company size and transaction. Some professionals (such as public accountants) must meet annual minimum ethical requirements to maintain active licenses.

The code of ethics for finance professionals serves to promote transparency and honesty. It is used alongside an organization’s code of conduct.